Airport Shuttle

Offering a variety of five-star services all tailored to enhance your travel experience to the caribbean.

St. Barths Trip

Enjoy smooth sailing on our luxury power boats during the picturesque journey on to St. Barths

Anguilla Great House Trip

Spend the day where you can enjoy a romantic afternoon relaxing on beach or just for a swim at Rendezvous Bay

Sunset Cruises

Anguilla is blessed with some of the most majestic and stunning sunsets in the Caribbean, and undoubtedly the best away to experience this natural spectacle at sea.

Snorkeling Trips/Island Tours

It’s an adventure, it’s fun, it’s educational and there’s nothing like snorkeling with Funtime. Call us and make your dream vacation a Caribbean breeze!

Offshore Cays Trips

Come swim the calm and crystal clear waters or just relax on the beach taking in the gentle north winds.

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